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Comparing GPS Systems

GPS Tracking Watches GPS tracking is a new technology that enables cell phone 'global positioning system' tracking in case of security-centric dealings and transactions. The system can also be deployed in the case of the aged and challenged or very small children and to track expensive indulgences like your own yacht or vintage automobile. The dedicated GPS systems in the market today are targeted at optimizing the use of hand held devices such as mobile phones and watches and built in units, to track cars and boats and most important of all ? the position of a person in distress, which is the fundamental function of the system. The GPS technology is now also being tapped to access important data and as a security measure. What is the GPS tracking technology? GPS is the abbreviation for Global Positioning Systems, which is the network of satellites that are in orbit to facilitate the tracking. The advantage of the system is the grid within which the satellites interact with the specially designed GPS receivers to automatically transmit information on user location, speed, and distance.

All it takes to benefit from the connectivity is a GPS watch or cellular phone to support the technology. Most watches manufactured today are already GPS empowered and it is advisable to enquire about this feature before you make a purchase. Comparison shopping: Today, there are a number of dedicated GPS device providers in the market like Garmin, Magellan and Tom Tom and many more. Each one of the companies is exploring the possibilities and the versatility of the system. The features of each differ and are consistently upgraded. For example: Garmin GPS navigation and electronic devices is credited with innovative brands.

The Garmin GPS watch Forerunner 201 provides users ergonomic and easy-to-read display solutions. It also has a whole-hog GPS sensor that provides precision, speed, pace and distance data. The Garmin GPS products are compact and lightweight, with auto-lap, auto-pause, and similar exciting features. Garmin offers site visitors a graphical perspective of performance via the Virtual Partner's pace.

The Magellan marine GPS systems are available in handheld versions and those that can be mounted on the boat. The handheld models provide the ability to save favorite places in memory and chart a straight-line course. The automobile navigation systems are perfect for wet or dry applications, on the boat or in the car! The GPS products include instrumentation with sensors, chart-plotters and autopilot systems via touch-screen display. Another popular global positioning product is Tom Tom GPS. The brand is synonymous with GPS systems that have voice assisted directions, information about restaurants, gas stations and tourist destinations, athermic heat shields, external antenna with no connector and excellent reception. The GPS gizmo is manufactured the world over with customized built in cameras, 24x7 internet access, and a whole range of dedicated features.

The most beneficial aspect of GPS is the ability of tracking an integrated system within a few meters. GPS tracking functions along a digital map using the Internet connectivity. The system-supporting gadgets look exactly like their regular counterparts, but are a little bulkier.

They can be locked on. The charge of the monthly fee for the service is a very modest amount for the safety feature and designs accessible. Global Positioning System ? a life saver: It is essential to understand that in the case of the technology in cell phones, the GPS tracking is available through various websites and dedicated organizations, but generally not for free. There is a monthly subscription or usage charge applicable for the service.

GPS is very useful to send out signals to EMS and emergency personnel and the various companies that make the devices available for cars and boats make comparison shopping more exciting with upgraded features and great 'real value' offers.

Thrandur is a well known author and a successful webmaster. He is the owner of GPS-Compare.com. GPS Compare . Find more information about Thrandur and his other websites at his blog thrandur.net where he shares digital technology, dream business & design success GPS Compare here.

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