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How To Choose The Best Accessories For Your iPod

For people who aren't techno geeks the act of buying new electronic gadgets is sometimes challenging. The user manuals are usually little if any help because they are written in geek speak Almost all of the new cell phones and MP3 players today come with another onslaught of accessories to go along with them and the iPod is no different. So how do you know which accessories you really need for your iPod? The iPod ecosystem as it is sometimes called, is the accessories market that exists for the portable player. Companies like Lansing, Bose, and JBL manufacture speakers that work in conjunction with the device by making use of the thirty pin connector on the unit. There are other manufacturers that offer add-ons to the device allowing it to play your music through a radio, record audio, and recharge on the go, or even use wirelessly with a remote control.

Of course there are also cases available for the portable device with people buying these not merely for protection of their devices but to make them more fashionable as well. These cases are made by companies that specialize in the fashion industry and are usually constructed of silicone or plastic. Apple also offers cases and brought out nano tubes to go along with the iPod Nano. If you are into skiing or snowboarding you will be stoked to know that Burton Snowboards has introduced a backpack and a jacket developed specifically to go with the iPod and allow you to control your device via the Softtouch application on the sleeve of the jacket or the strap of the backpack.

This makes it super easy to control your music while you are hitting the slopes. The new iPod radio remote is a wired remote control using an interface similar to the Shuffle. This accessory also brings radio tuning to your player and shows the station being played on your screen. Support for this accessory is included in the firmware version 1.

1. The iPod HI-Fi is a must have for those who wish to use their device to play music at home. This system features amplified loudspeakers and docks with your player. The system offers the option of plugging into a regular outlet or running on D cell batteries for portability using the integrated handles. In the automotive industry, the German automaker BMW introduced the first interface for the iPod that was released by a car manufacturer. This is a really cool option that allows you to control your unit through controls on the steering wheel or on the stereo buttons in the dash of the vehicle.

Gregg Hall is an author living in Navarre Florida. Find more about iPods as well as Electronic Toys and Gadgets at http://www.electronictoysplus.com

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