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Explained Pepper Spray Or Stun Guns For Personal Defense

If you are serious about self-defense and are not able nor do you have the time to learn any of the martial arts, personal defense technology is the route to go. You want to take a non-lethal approach. In doing so, you will have a choice between only a few items that can stop an attacker in his/her tracks. It is important you understand that you have a right to protect yourself and those you love. This is a basic right for all humankind. Moreover, you should be able to act on a moments notice.

We urge you, do not become another victim.fight back! Option One: Stun Guns Stun Guns will stop most people. They should be at least 400,000 volts or more. Some people can take quite a jolt, and keep on coming. The effectiveness of the device depends on what part of the body the Stun Gun contacts.

A strong Stun Gun [they go up to 750,000 volts] can drop a large man in seconds. The muscles twitch uncontrollably, but the voltage is not lethal. To be most effective you would contact the upper part of the body, on the torso. You will have time to either get away, or further subdue the attacker.

For the Stun Gun to work you have to be at least an arms length from your attacker. If there is more than one attacker, you will have to be in close contact with each of them, in order to stop the attack. Option Two: A TASER A TASER disables an attacker in a similar fashion with one major difference. With A TASER, you do not have to be as close to the attacker as you would with a Stun Gun.

This is because a TASER shoots out two electronic darts attached to wires that would bring down just about any man. The TASER only holds one shot, after that it functions only as a stun gun. Option Three: Pepper Spray Pepper Sprays [such as MACE] are extremely effective in ending an attack. Pepper Sprays come in a several different strengths, but believe me; you would not like to be sprayed by any of them. Pepper Sprays devices also come in different sizes and different styles.

What is the difference and advantage of using Pepper Sprays? You can use Pepper Sprays at a distance, and you can be effective with several attackers at one time; you can spray a whole gang at one time with some of these in large spray canisters. One must understand the operation of using Pepper Spray and the limitations. For example, a drawback with Pepper Sprays is that, if using outdoors, you have to be careful not to spray into the wind. It will come back in your face, and you will be very sorry. There is no problem with spray-back if you use the spray indoors.

You can also buy combo Stun Guns. These are Stun Guns with built in Pepper Spray. Now you can first Pepper Spray, and if needed.you can stun the attacker. A bad combination if you are a criminal.

All these methods work well in the situations as described above. Nevertheless, there is one thing you must remember. It is ALWAYS better to keep a distance from an attacker. This is most successfully done with Pepper Spray.

Bill Wallmuller is the founder of Merokee Enterprises. Two of the author's concerns are personal safety and crime prevention. You can learn more by visiting the Website: http://www.personal-defense-technology.com

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