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Five Things To Do With Old Computer Equipment

As with most electrical items computers have become totally disposable when it comes to buying a new model. If one breaks down it is often cheaper to buy a complete new set-up rather than have your equipment repaired. Or, if you simply need a go-faster, bigger-memory machine in some cases it may also be cheaper to buy new, than upgrade. So, what can you actually do with old computer equipment? Is it possible to recycle it or is your PC destined for the landfill? 1. Send them to a worthy charity - certain charities collect and either export older, but perfectly functioning computers to Africa and other under-developed economic countries, or upgrade them and distribute to schools around the UK.

If you have a social conscience then this will be your preferred way of getting secondary use out of your old computer system. 2. Refurbish, upgrade and keep - in some cases, although definitely not all, it can prove cheaper to upgrade your equipment rather than purchase a completely new system. Adding more RAM, upgrading your motherboard and/or adding a faster processor to convert your current system to an all-singing, all-dancing high-spec computer may be the way forward. So, it is definitely worth costing up your options before considering other computer disposal methods. 3.

Secure destruction - We've all heard of those cunning technical wizards who can find all the information that you thought you'd deleted from your machine, and use it for ill-gotten gain. So, if you, or your company, have sensitive information that should prove very damaging if it got into the wrong hands consider a specialist company to handle your PC disposal. They'll ensure that the hard drives are destroyed in such a way as to make data retrieval impossible. 4.

Re-marketing - There are companies out there that will help you sell on your old computer equipment if it is in good cosmetic condition and working order. In return for a percentage of the price obtained, usually 20 - 30%, they will refurbish and sell on your equipment, either in the UK or abroad using their contacts or networks. 5.

Rebuild the Enterprise Bridge - Be the envy of all your Trekkie mates and construct your own home-based Enterprise operations room. Strategically distribute your various computer components around your living room - the more monitors the better - add a few coloured lights and a lot of silver paper. For the final touch purchase a prestige leather chair such as a Lazyboy, and place it plum centre in front of a huge 72" plasma screen to recreate your own Starship Enterprise Bridge. In the words of Captain Picard: "Make it so!".

Daniel Johansson is an Internet technologist whose main interests include Web Standards, XML and writing for the Web. Computer disposal companies offer a reliable means of securely disposing of, refurbishing and recycling old computer equipment. http://www.computerdisposals.co.uk/

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