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How to be green with Office Furniture

The typical office is the last place that you could think of to go green, but you might need to rethink. Today, companies are going green not only to create a healthy work environment for their employees but also to increase their profits. They are hiring environmental officers to help them benefit from the"green wave." These companies recognize that if your office does not conform to environmental standards, it will become increasingly difficult to attract business and retain a dynamic, ever-changing, and diverse workforce. If you are not promoting sustainability, you might be doomed to fail before very long. It is not surprising to see architects, interior designers and furniture manufacturers pouring money into research and development to turn modern day offices into eco-friendly working environments.

While companies in big cities, like New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Seattle are the leaders in developing environmentally conscious strategies, many others are following their lead to become a leader themselves in terms of environmental standards. To receive a platinum rating from the United States Green Building Council, a nonprofit organization located in Washington, is a major accomplishment for a company. The council developed a set of building guidelines known as LEED ?Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design ? focusing on commercial interiors.

Of 112 offices that have been certified across the country so far, only six have platinum status, which is the highest rating. A gold rating, the second highest, is also considered positive for companies seeking to attract clients and personnel. Today, developers, builders, architects, designers and manufacturers strictly follow the LEED guidelines and often apply for LEED certification for Commercial Interiors. LEED certification provides independent, third-party verification that a building project meets the highest green building and performance measures.

The interest in demonstrating commitment to the environment is much applauded, and also will certainly bring big returns on companies' investments in the long run, if not also in the short term. Companies are pressured to produce, design, and buy environmentally safe products. At MAiSPACE, we adopt and promote environmentally conscious principles towards office space. As the leading office furniture manufacturer, we design and create office furniture products that are not only good for you physically, but also provide environmental benefits. Our products are made in accordance with green office guidelines and standards.

We do not only produce eco-safe office furniture but also carefully regulate the environmental impact of our activities. We produce low impact products through low impact processes. For one of our product lines, MAiOFFICE, we use a state of the art thermo-forming manufacturing process. A poly-acrylic 5 Step UV finishing process results in a durable finish that does not fade in daylight exposure. Most importantly, the process is 100% environmentally safe, while being stain and solvent resistant.

We seek to consistently stand for sustainability. We promote sustainable use of office furniture products and invent ways to maximize environmental safety. For instance, our office furniture is chemical and fiber glass free and does not emit chemical odors. We work to insure to keep the air you breathe in your workplace healthy and fresh. A recent study established a link between CO emissions and respiratory health, as such emissions released from chemical products has consistently been shown to cause poor health effects. At MAiSPACE, we take pride in our products, because as the manufacturer, we apply strict controls throughout the manufacturing process guaranteeing you that the most stringent standards are being met.

We also take pride in our office system furniture products that come from recycled materials. Unlike most office systems, which are filled with fiberglass that doesn't break down in landfills and is a source of airborne glass, our office furniture products are made from post-consumer polyethylene terephthalate (PET) from ground up soda bottles. Much of the steel and aluminum in products have also been recycled. With the huge number of plastic containers being discarded, we are happy to find a use for much of this material ?that makes sense from every perspective. We are proud to be an environmentally conscious and responsible company, and we urge other companies to follow us on this endeavor. The environmental, economic, health and social benefits of adopting green strategies are countless, and we have been working to provide environmentally sensible solutions that make your office a healthier place for more than fifteen years.

MAiSPACE.com will help business owners and operators make smart choices in Ergonomic Office Cubicles and Office Furniture for their offices and selecting the right Systems Furniture.

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