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How to use Site Maps and Navigation for your SEO Results

Site maps Site maps are separate pages that contain links to all of your web pages that you want to be listed in the search engines. They look somewhat like a "Table of Contents" A site map should list all of your pages with the page's Title Tag as the "Anchor Text". This means that the text from each page's Title Tag will be used as the hyperlink pointing to that page. You should add a description below the Title Tags for each page.

Here's an example of how it could look: Cherry Wine The most delicious Cherry Wine you will ever taste at a reasonable price. Our Cherry Wine is made from the finest organic cherries available. If you have over 100 pages then once you reach 100 on a page start a new site map page. Link to your site map pages from your home page.

Navigation You should have a navigation menu on each page that is consistent. The best way to accomplish this is by designing your web site with a template. The navigation will be built into the template and will be used for each page. Then you can add your unique content for each page.

Having your navigation in place can increase the number of your pages indexed by the search engines. ? Use the appropriate Anchor Text in your menu structure. ? Be consistent by using a template This way no matter which page your visitor comes in on they can find what they want easily. Organic SEO will take some effort and time on your part but the results will more than pay for itself. There are some simple things that you can implicate right away and see results fairly soon. Other steps will take a bit more time as they continue to push your sites to the top of the search engines.

One thing we like about Organic SEO is that you don't have to pay for "Pay per Click". You only pay with your time and dedication. You decide how far you want to go. Even some slight changes will help, but if you follow these simple steps you should see considerable improvements in your rankings over time. It may take several months before you will see most of your work pay off. Even at this point you definitely want to keep at it for even larger gains in Search engine rankings.

Lambert Klein is the Author of SEO Results the Organic Way. You can find his e-Book at: http://www.lambertklein.com/

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