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How You Dream Your World Into Existence

Reality is not real. It is a dream. This is not a metaphorical statement. On the quantum level of reality, only pure energy exists. We are finding true what Democritus of Abdera discovered a long time ago.

Democritus (about 460 BC-about 370 BC) was a Greek scholar who is best known for his atomic theory. He is recorded by Diogenes Laertius to have said, "Nothing exists except atoms and empty space; everything else is opinion." It was long believed that these atoms, at least, were like tiny billiard balls. Later, they were thought to be like little solar systems, with electrons flying around a nucleus.

Today, physicists consider atoms to be probability clouds because at the subatomic level particles appear and disappear and there is more space in an atom than anything else. All this means that at the smallest level of materiality, there is only pure energy. This energy coalesces into forms we find meaningful because of the work of consciousness. In other words, without the observer, reality is questionable. You are that consciousness that is creating the dream. And you work in harmony with every other consciousness on the planet to make it happen on a global scale.

We call the collective assembly of the dream, reality. Over eons the dream of reality has attained depth and volume. It has become a creation.

And this creation now includes us, and who we are is that which is exploring itself in the mirror of the space-time continuum. Diogenes was right about the macroscopic world, too. It really is all about opinions.

This gives you a lot of leverage, because when you choose to believe in something, you create your reality. And to change your reality, all you have to do is change your beliefs about yourself and what you consider to be real. In Quantum Physics it is even argued that the eyes with which you see shapes the world shapes that you see. Perception is not passive, as most people who are unconsciously following the Newtonian paradigm believe, but active; in other words, it is an act of creation. As consciousness, you get to choose your perception, and your perception shapes both you and your entire reality.

This means that you are not a spectator of life, but a creator, and the more you understand this idea the more fluid and dynamic do your creations become. Most people live their lives in a state of passive acceptance of what is because they do not understand that their thoughts and feelings are actually cosmic waves that move things in and out of their experience. Yet when you realize that what you think matters to everyone, whether you know about it or not, then you also have the power to start getting what you want and stop getting what you don't want. Manifestation is not an occult science.

It is a fact of human experience. Rather than an oddity, it is the basis of consciousness. Those who know about the power of manifestation also come to know how each thought is a message into the collective unconscious to bring you what you want as you need it. On the level of mind, we are in perfect, albeit unconscious, telepathy with all other minds. Consciousness is not a bundle of separate units but a collective ocean in which we all participate.

Furthermore, minds also influence matter directly, rearranging molecules, and the evidence for this is all the self-healing that is possible when you think loving thoughts to your own cells. Who you are, then, is an artist in front of a canvas, a sculptor in front of a slab of marble, an author who is writing the story of your own life and influencing the lives of everyone else in the process. You are the creator in the thick of your creations.

What you think and feel matters. It spins worlds into existence.

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