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Is CECT P getting more and more popular

CECT P168 seems to be a hot search keywords on the internet, and getting more and more popular right now, I just curious about how popular it is, so I did a search on wordtracker, and the amazing result is that the keyword "CECT p168 games" has 2279 searches per day, and the other search terms are software, firmware update. I wrote some articles about the CECT cell phones before, and would like to give you some more information on this article. .
P168 doesn't support java games, it comes with some built-in mini game. So even if you download the mobile java games, and transfer them to your p168 phone, you can't play with them. .

P168 is not a PDA, so there is no mobile OS installed like Symbian and Windows Mobile. So you can't install software on it. And the firmware for P168 is not updatable, unlike IPHONE, the firmware can be updated easily. CECT cell phones didn't come with this feature, so when you got the P168 on hand, you should understand that you can't install software, applications and games on it, and the firmware is not updatable too, scalability is almost impossible. .

Even there are several limitations for the CECT P168, it has some other decent features that we should consider. The phone has dual SIM card support, one can switch the SIM manually, the camera, video recorder, mp4 player, multi-language supported, touch screen control, 3.5 inch display and some other features that a normal phone have. The interface is user friendly, and the speaker is amazing, turn your music player on, and it acts like a portable MP3 player.

More Pictures and info on CECT P168 Games .

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