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What A Ceramic Filter Is Used For

When one mentions a ceramic filter to them, one would either see images of water filters, electric filters or perhaps not have a clue about what it is. These are used to filter out all of the pathogens and dust from the exhaust gases. Filtration such as ceramic filters are cost effective and efficient in removing the particle that are at high risk of being released into the atmosphere. Ceramic filters are also long lasting and hardwearing; therefore, they can withstand high amounts of heat.

Using ceramic filter in hot gas flumes have proven to show better resistance against thermal shock, which is useful for industries and factories. These need relatively low amounts of maintenance; the best way to keep them clean is to use dry scrubbing to get rid of the acid gases. This is done using lime and bicarbonate of soda; this prevents erosion of the filters and keeps it strong in intense high temperatures.

This also helps in the removal of dust particles from the filters.

Furthermore, ceramic filters have been proven to withstand high amounts of heat and pressure without the problems of corrosion. Different makes of ceramic filters vary in quality, with the majority of the filters available in different sizes and coming with sorbent powders for dry scrubbing. The filters often hang vertically within the vessel, which helps to capture the dust particles on the outer surface. The flow of the hot gas determines where the dust particles are captured.

Keeping them in a vertical position makes it easier to separate the dirty compartments with the clean ones. The gas flow moves back and forth in between the filters, with short interval flows moving at a pulsating motion. The backwards motion ensures that the dust particles are removed from the outer surface and fall into a separate hopper section where they are released. When they are cleaned, the cake layers are removed but not uniformly and can look patchy in places on the ceramic filter.

How much the ceramic filter can take is purely based on the amount of filter elements within the vessel, so this will need to be measured before fitting in new filters. It is easy to mistake the size of the filter needed, therefore, making a record of the level of elements in the vessel or an approximate estimation will help with finding the right size. Bear in mind that the ceramic filters are durable and strong under extreme temperatures and during incineration processes.


About the Author (text)Anna Stenning has researched the importance of ceramic filter products for use of expelling dust particles in major industrial factories. For more on filters visit http://www.glosfume.com/

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